Last match of the day Vega Squadron and Cloud9 and matching their skills on Mirage.

Fist Half:
Vega defended A site in 2v1 situation and defused the bomb to secure first and two more rounds for a 3:0 lead. Cloud9 had good attack in 4th round but Russian team managed to best them again. What they’ve failed to do in 4th round they’ve made it in 5th. Great shooting by Cloud9 got them in 4v1 situation so they were able to get on board 5:1.

Unfortunately that was pretty much all Cloud9 had to show today. Vega was simply a better team and closed the half 12:3.

Second Half:
Cloud9 won the pistol round that they badly needed but Vega didn’t allow them to get their game going. Vega took 2nd round and easily closed the match 16:4.

vega vs cloud9