First major of the year is about to start in Boston, united states of americaUSA. The best 16 teams in the world will fight for legend status and prize pool of $1,000,000! Seven teams with Legends status have qualified for Major automatically while others had to pass trough qualifications played in Swiss format couple of days ago.

immortalsImmortals(Now 100 thieves100 Thieves) who were last Major finalists, are not able to participate due to visa problems. Their place will be forfeited in legends status and that spot will be available for teams that compete in qualifications.

Clear favorites are sk gamingSK and fazeFaZe while several other teams are close by and hoping to upset favorites and raise the trophy.

Astralis BIG fnatic Gambit
SK North Virtus.Pro
Cloud9 FaZe G2 Liquid
mousesports Natus Vincere Quantum Bellator Fire Space Soldiers
Vega Squadron

Every participant will receive piece of a prize so even last teams will see prize of $8.750 while winner will boast with $500.000 !

First match will start at 16:00, where northNorth will meat up with vega squadronVega Squadron and it can be watched at Eleague Twitch channel.

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Marko Ladavac