Day one of ELEAGUE CSGO Boston Major brings us several of very interesting matches. However if we take a look at qualifications and how “known results” matches ended we can certainly hope for most of them being very interesting until the very end.

16:00 northNorth -vs- vega squadronVega Squadron
This will be quite interesting match as vega squadronVega Squadron showed they can play with best in the world – won vs. fazeFaZe 16:6 and team liquidLiquid 16:14. northNorth on other hand are not Legends for no reason and they should be considered favorites in this match up.

17:15 -vs- quantum bellator fireQuantum Bellator Fire has to be taken as favorites here even though their form was nothing by bad lately. However we have seen polish side playing their best when it matters the most(Majors) so we must consider them favorites. quantum bellator fireQuantum Bellator Fire showed their shooting skills and that they do not fear “names” on other side of the map but still they have to prove that Qualifications were not a hiccup but a normal day for them.

18:30 bigBIG -vs- team liquidLiquid
Deciding who is favorite here is very hard as both teams are on relatively same level. bigBIG being Legends could be called favorites but their form wasn’t on pair with that status. team liquidLiquid on other hand had quite a bit of trouble getting trough to Major so they are not in some great form neither.

19:45 fnaticfnatic -vs- fazeFaZe
This is probably match of a day regarding quality of teams. fnaticfnatic as multi world champion(majors) and very rich history behind them even with some player changes are not side to be relaxing against. fazeFaZe had relatively easy path trough qualifications for Major as they failed to advance from groups on last one. So in this match up fazeFaZe is a favorite but we most certainly do expect a bloody battle!

21:00 astralisAstralismousesportsMousesports
astralisAstralis is clear favorite here due to their experience and longevity as a team who played quite a few finals and hard matches in past. Even though they were a bit invisible on CSGO scene lately, one cannot ignore the quality they posses and we are sure they are well prepared for Major. mousesportsMousesports is one of teams who’s lineup doesn’t shine with names too much, but mix of their synergy and experience really makes them dangerous opponent to any side.

22:15 cloud9Cloud9 -vs- gamers2G2
cloud9Cloud9 had easy way trough qualifications and they showed how good they can play when they meet good opponents so their success will depend on how much they can keep playing their aggressive game and keeping percentages up in duels. gamers2G2 had a walk in a part in qualifications but we must admit they didn’t really have strong opponents against them so their real strength is still unknown. However in this match up gamers2G2 is a favorite.

23:30 gambitGambit -vs- na'ViNatus Vincere
Battle of the CIS region! gambitGambit who is defending champion of CSGO Major has lost the brain of their team Zeus who moved to his new/old team na'ViNatus Vincere – their opponents. With Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev taking the spot of IGL and addition of new player we cannot say how strong will they show up. Knowing Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev determination they practiced like crazy for this Major. na'ViNatus Vincere with having a huge star in their team s1imple are not showing the level of play everyone would expect so making them favorites will be really hard. In this match up there is no clear favorite but we will give it to gambitGambit on behalf of being defending champions.

00:45 sk gamingSK -vs- space soldiersSpace Soldiers
sk gamingSK is clear favorites here. Being #1 team in the world and winning most of the events that they participated in 2017 they are favorites against any side. space soldiersSpace Soldiers have finally managed to get to big stage(major) where they belong to with recent games and form. However they will start their trip with hardest enemy possible but not meeting with sk gamingSK one to many time they still have a chance of surprising them.

Here is how some of the CSGO pro’s from both sides of the table gave their opinion on who will win on day 1:
srbijaNemanja “nexa” Isakovic from MANS NOT HOT

Halvor “vENdetta” Gulestøl caster for

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