With a 3-1 win (Cobblestone 7-16, Overpass 19-17, Mirage 16-1, Dust2 16-10) over VG.CyberZen, Heroic have triumphed at the International Gaming League which took place in Shanghai, China, from November 20-27.

International Gaming League began with a GSL group stage, with only three teams taking part in Group A due to TyLoo dropping out. Heroic and VG.CyberZen topped their respective group, whilepaiN and compLexity finished second to finalize the semi-final teams.

The Danish-Swedish squad then defeated compLexity, winning Cobblestone and Mirage in a comfortable manner while Train went the other way after overtime, and VG.CyberZen bested paiN after three maps.

Heroic took the title in China

Today’s grand final saw the Chinese starting off strong, grabbing Cobblestone in convincing fashion before Heroic snatched Overpass following overtime, with Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså putting up a beastly performance (44-24, 1.68 rating).

Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer’s team then decimated VG.CyberZen on Mirage 16-1 and finished the series with a superb T side on Dust2, where the 21-year-old played amazingly once again.

The final standings and distribution of the 670,000 CNY (~$98,000) prizepool of IGL 2016 are following:

1. Heroic – 300,000 CNY (~$43,750)
2. VG.CyberZen – 150,000 CNY (~$21,900)
3-4. paiN – 80,000 CNY (~$11,600)
3-4. compLexity – 80,000 CNY (~$11,600)
5-6. FIVE – 20,000 CNY (~$3,000)
5-6. 5POWER – 20,000 CNY (~$3,000)
7. Vault – 20,000 CNY (~$3,000)

Source: HLTV.org