Immortals claimed the iBP Masters trophy by beating Cloud9, 2-1, in the final. The first map, Cache, went to the Brazilians, 16-6. Cloud9 answered on Train, taking it 16-8, and finally Immortals took the decider on Mirage, 16-12.

The Brazilian side took the first round of pistols on the terrorist side of Cache after a fruitful take of the A site. Immortals’ euphoria was quick to dissipate, though, as Jake “Stewie2K” Yip pulled out a rabbit from his hat in the third round. With a saved MAC-10 from the previous round, Cloud9’s IGL got his team’s first frag, picked up an AK and got three more to help his team win the round.

Cloud9 started to look solid in their defense getting five rounds in a row, but a big three kill round by Ricardo “boltz” Prass, including winning a 1vs1 against Mike “shroud” Grzesiek got Immortals back in the game. The following round was a big push on B by the Brazilians. No team was able to find two opening frags before dying, and Henrique “hen1” Teles two more after, getting Immortals within one and putting Cloud9 on an eco. Immortals finally worked up a bit of a lead ending the half up 9-6.

The second half started with the twins, Lucas “lucas” Teles andhen1 cleaning house with five clean headshots on Cloud9 to giveImmortals the first round. The Brazilians were then able to win the three following rounds for a hefty 12-6 lead. Immortals then really started to run away with it winning the following two rounds increasing their lead to 14-6.

HEN1 and co. amply won the first map

Able to buy once again, Cloud9 were able to get a plant and a 2vs3, but hen1 exploited a peak by Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham asJoao “felps” Vasconcellos took shroud out to get on nine match points. A brilliant smoke play by felps in the last round, getting into A main as Cloud9 exited allowed him to kill the bomb carrier and stop the North Americans on their tracks to take the 16th round.

The second map, Train, started with boltz and felps playing offensively on CT down ivy, but Cloud9 were resilient in large part thanks to Timothy “autimatic” Ta getting three kills and planting the bomb and allowing his team to take the round. The first gun round had Cloud9 up 3-0, and an opening kill by Stewie2K got his team on the B site and Cloud9 were able to plant and defend a 4vs3 situation to take the fourth.

Cloud9 started to assert their dominance early on, despite losing to a pistol armor buy, winning eight of the first ten rounds and coming out on top in most of the clutch situations. Immortals were able to take the last couple rounds, but going into the attacking round with a 9-6 deficit meant the pistol round was going to be crucial.

The second half was all Cloud9, though, as the North American team won the pistol round and then ran away giving up a single round to close out Train 16-8 and move the match to the deciding map, Mirage.

Despite taking the second map, Cloud9 couldn’t stick it out on Mirage

Immortals defended the first round on Mirage from Cloud9’s A push effectively without letting the North American side plant, and won the two following rounds. Cloud9 started playing with a heavy mid presence and instantly got two rounds once they could have guns in their hands, but that would just be an illusion of control asImmortals took the game back into their court immediately by raking up rounds one after the other in the half for an 8-2 lead. Cloud9got a critical two rounds last in the half, but at 11-4 the situation was dire.

Cloud9 picked up the second half pistol after a B site retake to stay alive in the game. Slowly but surely, Cloud9 started to get back in, winning the first four rounds, 11-8. On the 20th round, tough, an impressive lurk from felps allowed Immortals to gain the mid round advantage and take control of the map, allowing his team to tally another one and force Cloud9 to think things over. After taking a timeout, Cloud9 managed to win the following round, pushingImmortals into an eco and a timout of their own.

felps had huge impact on the series with 101 ADR

It looked like things were going well for Cloud9, but Immortals stole the eco after the pause and caused the North American team to go on a pistol and armor buy with a scout on shroud. The broken buy worked, though, as Cloud9 were able to retake the A site afterImmortals’ plant to steal the round. It didn’t take long, though, for the Brazilians to get back on track as Immortals got the 14-12 lead and started to tighten the noose around Cloud9’s neck. boltzstopped an aggressive push by Stewie2K, then felps and lucasfollowed it up for a 5vs2, which the Brazilian team won to get on match point.

Cloud9 tried another broken buy similar to the one that worked a couple rounds back, and it seemed to work as shroud started tagging players with the scout and even got two frags, but hen1replied with three of his own and closed it out for Immortals to take the round, map, match, and lift the trophy at The Hangar.

Final standings for iBP Masters:

1. Immortals – $20,000, IEM Oakland
2. Cloud9 – $15,000, IEM Oakland
3-4. TyLoo – $12,500, IEM Oakland
3-4. FaZe – $12,500, IEM Oakland
5-6. Echo Fox – $10,000
5-6. Renegades – $10,000
7-8. FlipSid3 – $10,000
7-8. TSM – $10,000

The qualified Teams for IEM Oakland next weekend:

Group A Group B
Liquid Heroic
Natus Vincere SK
G2 NiP
Astralis mousesports
Immortals Cloud9
TyLoo FaZe