Astralis takes ESL Pro League to continue winning streak


Best Danish team and one of best teams for years AstralisAstralis has returned to winning form. After taking down G2G2 in finals of ECS Season 5, they bested Team LiquidTeam Liquid with 3-1 in ESL Pro League Season 7.

Quite a few known esports analysts have predicted that AstralisAstralis will take down NA team 3-1 and that is what we got. de_dust2 as new-old map in pool was expected to bring some new plays and somewhat interesting score. AstralisAstralis decided to decline that experience for most users as they demolished Team LiquidTeam Liquid 16:1 to take 1-0 lead. How big defeat that was best tell that only 1 player from NA team had more than 10 kills – Keith ‘NAF‘ Markovic who had 12 kills but also 16 deaths. Everyone in AstralisAstralis side were in mood as worst player Andreas ‘Xyp9x‘ HĂžjsleth had 12 kills and 7 deaths. Nicolai ‘device‘ Reedtz was absolutely unstoppable with 22-7 and huge 2.26 HLTV 2.0 rating!

Second map was de_nuke. Map that most analysts gave to Team LiquidTeam Liquid but it slipped through their fingers after taking both pistol rounds and some very important clutches. Even though Team LiquidTeam Liquid lost the map 14:16 they shown that they can play on pair with AstralisAstralis. With that said AstralisAstralis had huge lead of 2-0 and potentially final map was de_mirage where Team LiquidTeam Liquid must win if they want to stay in the finals.

Third map de_mirage stated with both sides being nervous and losing advantages they had exchanging round for round. It was Team LiquidTeam Liquid who was first to take control over first half by going 5:2 as T after good comebacks in rounds following AstralisAstarlis initial picks. It looks like Team LiquidTeam Liquid will secure first half in their advantage but
decided to mess that up! Nicolai ‘device‘ Reedtz was once again a pivotal player for Danish side who went into second half with 8:6 lead. It looked like Astralis will run away with the map quite easy as they stretched their lead to big 13:7 but Team LiquidTeam Liquid still had something to say about that. Excellent team play and trading got Team LiquidTeam Liquid back into map and eventually led to 16:14 victory to fight another day. Keith ‘NAF‘ Markovic and Epitacio ‘TACO‘ de Melo were leading the charge with great help from Nick ‘nitr0‘ Cannella who managed to stop multiple attacks of AstralisAstralis with AWP.

Team LiquidTeam Liquid started strong on de_inferno as T’s taking pistol and following 3 rounds to make a safe lead against AstralisAstralis. It looked great for them but Danes decided to make that round somewhat worthy for them as they secured 5 rounds at the end. In second half we’ve seen AstralisAstralis setting up a wall Team LiquidTeam Liquid failed to break most of the time. Emil ‘Magisk‘ Reif was amazing in the pit where he stopped multiple attacks by NA team who simply didn’t have a solution.

1. AstralisAstralis – $250,000
2. Team LiquidTeam Liquid – $110,000
3-4. FaZeFaZe – $55,000
3-4. Na'ViNatus Vincere – $55,000

Astralis -vs- Team Liquid