The spring splits are ending across the world, as the teams are fighting hard to get a spot at MSI. For this reason, Riot has been tweaking things by focusing mainly on the professional scene. Patch 13.7 saw some important nerfs to some of the best-performing champions, like Zeri, Lee Sin, and Wukong, just to name a few.

We might see a similar trend in Patch 13.8, as it should be the patch the teams will be on during the play-ins stage. Even though Riot hasn’t announced the planned changes yet, we know that Riot will be looking to release some special skins for the first international tournament of the year. The skin line is called Inkshadow and the skins will be available on the PBE in the next weeks.

That being said, we will also be getting four skins as a trade off: Dawnbringer Renekton, Dawnbringer Vayne, Nightbringer Jarvan IV, and Nightbringer Nasus.


Since Riot hasn’t revealed the tentative changes for this patch, it’s still too early to know. That being said, there are chances that other strong champions that have been performing extremely well in professional recently might be tagged.

Some of these picks might be Rakan and Xayah, as well as top laners like Malphite. Milio might also be on the list, depending on whether players will improve his win rate now that they were able to master the champion.