Ever since his release in March, the powerful enchanter has taken over as one of the most-dominant picks in the game, becoming a draft priority in almost every rank from high to low Elo.

The Gentle Flame has actually increased in ban rate over the last four patches too, rising 26.5 percent to lead all League champions with a whopping 41.3 percent ban rate in Patch 13.12 in Platinum ranks and higher, according to stats aggregate U.GG. He also has a 13.3 percent pick rate, making him the second most-played support champion in the game behind Thresh.

Milio’s success is driven by his role as a Swiss army knife support who can fit alongside almost any AD carry champion, whether you’re a long-ranged threat like Caitlyn or a short-range duelist like Lucian or Vayne. He also provides a whole ton of utility for any team composition, though he doesn’t necessarily have a reliable form of engage to lean on.

Via Riot LoL

Even in professional play, Milio has become a priority pick with sky-high draft presence in all four major regions since he can enable these mechanically-gifted superstars to take over teamfights with superior movement speed and attack speed to help them avoid danger and chase down enemies who are trying to escape.

No worries by Riot

Milio has yet to drastically drop under a 50 percent win rate over the last four patches either, but in this patch, he is hovering around a 49.6 percent win rate with less than a week until the next update arrives. If he continues to dominate drafts, Riot could consider some changes moving forward into the rest of the year.