Have you been on the road looking for a new and modern look for your rig? Look no further! Introducing the Modern Lines Paint Job Pack DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, now available on Steam!

Each one of the designs included in this DLC has been handcrafted and selected by our talented artist & vehicle teams for their stylish and contemporary design. This new pack includes six new matching paint jobs for both your truck and trailer(s), all of which are fully paintable and customizable to your liking!

Each paintjob is compatible with all current truck models and on all ownable paintable trailers (including cisterns, dumpers etc.) in Euro Truck Simulator 2. We can’t wait to see what colour combinations you come up with for your own rig or virtual trucking company!

Included in this pack are the paintjobs:

Line Shift
Sport Profile
Electric Zap
Cruise Liner
Two Fold

Are you ready to hit the road and get creative with these new paint jobs?