Tricked Esports have announced via their website that they have picked up the remnants of the former Reason Gaming team.

Earlier in the week, Reason Gaming pulled the plug on their Danish CS:GO team after Sebastian “larsen” Larsen and Kevin “KS” Svenningsen left the squad to continue their careers elsewhere.

The remaining three players on the team – Peter “Inzta” Kragelund, Jonas “netrick” Wenzelsen and Kristian “tabac0” Simonsen – have now agreed to join Tricked Esports, who make a return to the CS:GO scene six months after cutting ties with their Hungarian roster.

tabac0 & co sign for Tricked

Rounding out Tricked’s lineup will be Allan “AnJ” Jensen, formerly of OMNIPOTENCE, and Henrik “flex” Pedersen, who was part of Tricked’s previous Danish squad.

“After losing Larsen and KS, we tried out flex and AnJ, and they fit in very well,” Wenzelsen told

“We have not practiced much with this lineup yet, but I am very confident in the project and excited about representing one of Denmark’s best organisations.

“We think we can get some good results with a lineup as talented as this one.”

The Danish team will make their first appearance for Tricked in Operation Kinguin #2, in which they will face Space Soldiers, nEophyte and ex-Epsilon in the group stage.

Tricked’s CS:GO team consist of:

Peter “Inzta” Kragelund
Jonas “netrick” Wenzelsen
Kristian “tabac0” Simonsen
Allan “AnJ” Jensen
Henrik “flex” Pedersen