MOBILE Legends, one of the mainstay game of MOBA is very popular and in demand among various circles. Starting from adolescence to adulthood, this game is very loved especially in Asia. A total of 10 million accounts are known to have downloaded this game on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Here are the facts behind the popular Mobile Legends:

Easy to play

For people who have never played similar games need not worry. Due to the simple way of playing and many tutorials to play it when first opening the game. Starting from shooting and hitting, determining the right direction of movement, using skills, playing with other players, to how to buy items. This game is considered a Dota 2 in the mobile version, because of the overall aspect of the game is similar but much easier to play than Dota 2.

Size a small game

Size mobile legends game fairly small. Not as big as other MOBA game games that is about 100 megabytes. Far compared to similar games, which can at least spend 500 megabytes more just to download the game alone. Mobile Legends can be played on mobile phones that have low specifications

Game control is easy

By having virtual pad feature, player can easily control all movement of hero or character. To walk, shoot, beat, skill and other skills. No need to direct our finger to the enemy because there is an auto-aim feature in the virtual pad that automatically adjusts the character movement that we use.

Mobile Legends

Good Graphics

People when playing a game must see the side of the graph first. If the graph is good then players will be interested to play it. This Legends Mobile Game has good graphics in terms of characters, folders, items, skill effects and more. His movement was not rigid when beating the enemy. You could say almost perfect for a mobile game.

Can play with friends

This game provides features so we can play with people we know in all game modes. Can consist of 2 to 10 players. How to activate Facebook or e-mail ID in this game so that all our friends play this game can also connect with us. If it is connected we can invite them to play together to work together to win the game and feel the excitement of this game along with equipped with chat in game feature so that we can still communicate with teammates and opponents team.

Characters from various countries

One of the most prominent advantages of Mobile Legends is its hero character created from various countries. There are Bruno from Brazil, Yin Shun Shin from Korea, Kagura from Japan, Chou from China, and more. There are dozens of hero characters with a variety of these skills that make it more interesting to be played by gamers.

The game is fair

Mobile Legends has a fair game system, 1 Hero can not kill 5 enemy Hero at once easily. Unlike other Moba games that can kill all enemies alone without the help of teammates. In Mobile Legends, all you need is teamwork and strategy, without it all very hard to win games in this Mobile Legends game.