Best games on mobile: iOS and Android

Below are our top 5 for the best mobile games to play right now. New games are coming out all the time, so be sure to check back Guerilla Method for more news!

Otherwise, prepare for hours of your life to be consumed by these great games and in many cases – for free!

Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile

Call of Duty has dabbled in app-based gaming before, but finally hit its stride when the franchise was rebooted with Call of Duty: Mobile. Featuring content from throughout the series, the game managed to implement the classic Call of Duty multiplayer mode surprisingly well with a variety of maps and weapons, as well as the signature Zombies mode and even a 100-player battle royale free-for-all.

PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile
LightSpeed Quantum Studio Krafton Level Infinite

The battle royale that started it all – PUBG has been available to play on mobile for some years now, and rivals the PC and console versions.

In PUBG, players drop onto an island where the boundaries get smaller and smaller as time goes by, forcing players into closer proximity as they battle to win the chicken dinner.

It started off as quite serious, but now it features many silly antics in the same way that Fortnite does.

You will definitely want a controller for this one, as it will give you a huge competitive edge over other players without one, and means you will stand a chance against those with them.

Two Dots

Two Dots Mobile game

With a gorgeously simple art style and heaps of cutesy characters to boot, Two Dots is one of the most underrated games on mobile, in our opinion, and it offers multiple ways to play as well.

On top of the hundreds of free levels in the main part of the game (which is a fun spin on the match-three puzzle formula), Two Dots also has weekly treasure hunts where you can peruse beautiful artwork in search of characters, items and other random stuff

Rise of Cultures

rise of cultures
Rise of Cultures

While dubious ads for this one might put you off, we’re here to say that the game itself ain’t so bad. A lot of mobile games come under the genre of “idle game” – which means that after a while, the game plays itself, and you only have to check in every now and again.

Rise of Cultures is a great example of this, which means you can fit it around your busy schedule. It’s also a great game for history fans who love Age of Empires but don’t quite have the time to play. Maybe not one for core gamers, but great for casuals.


Mobile Fortnite Via Epic Games

More than just a battle royale game, Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon that features multiple ways to play. Fortnite is changing all the time, but there’s almost always something tempting in the battle pass that you work towards over time, earning XP across all the different modes in the game.


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