Cloud9 came from behind to beat SK Gaming 2-1 and win the ESL Pro League Season 4 finals (17-19 on Overpass, 16-6 on Mirage and 16-5 on Dust2).

The first map in the series was Overpass, SK’s pick, but the first half score would have suggested otherwise as Cloud9 dominated proceedings on the CT side. SK Gaming only managed to find a way past their opponents’ defense seven rounds into the game, but the North Americans kept piling the pressure and closed out the half with a commanding 13-2 lead.

SK won the opening three rounds of the second half to keep themselves in the game, and they put together a great run of rounds in gun play as Cloud9 had no response to the Brazilians’ double AWP setup.

With the scoreline 13-9, Timothy “autimatic” Ta went huge and picked up an ace, but he was unable to give Cloud9 the round asEpitacio “TACO” de Melo defused the bomb in the nick of time. The North Americans would hit 14 rounds right after, however, thanks to a 1v2 clutch from Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert. But SK did not let the game get out of hand as they went on another great run to equalise the score at the end of the regulation.

Cloud9 win the ESL Pro League Season 4

Carrying their momentum into overtime, SK secured two rounds in each half to lock down the map, 19-17, and take the lead in the series.

The next map was Mirage, where SK were the team to win the opening round thanks to a 1v2 clutch by Lincoln “fnx” Lau. Cloud9 hit back in the next round, however, and also bagged five of the following six rounds to take a 6-2 lead.

After calling a tactical pause, SK took three consecutive rounds to bring the deficit to a minimum, but the North American team ran riot during the final stages of the half to take a 9-6 lead.

SK took the lead in the series but were unable to close it out

Now playing on the CT side of the map, Cloud9 delivered a flawless display as they won seven rounds without much resistance to secure a convincing 16-6 win.

It all came down to Dust2, where SK once again got off to a great start. But just like on Mirage, Cloud9 came right back to win the next round. After getting some time to build up their bank, SK won their second round of the map thanks to an amazing clutch byGabriel “FalleN” Toledo, but the Brazilians were off the pace for the remainder of the half as Cloud9 took a commanding 13-2 lead.

And more misery was to come for SK as Cloud9 won the first two rounds as CT to hit match point. The Brazilians would still get a couple of rounds on the board, but it was too little, too late, as the North Americans closed out the map, 16-5, to succeed the Brazilians as Pro League champion.

ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals standings:

1. Cloud9 – $200,000
2. SK – $90,000
3-4. mousesports – $45,000
3-4. NiP – $45,000
5-6. OpTic – $35,000
5-6. EnVyUs – $35,000
7-8. FaZe – $30,000
7-8. Liquid – $30,000
9-10.  dignitas – $25,000
9-10. Immortals – $25,000
11. NRG – $20,000



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