Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas have managed to break trough two year drought of not making into Major events. Ninjas in PyjamasNiP secured spot at Major by taking down ENCEENCE 2:1 in maps but stepped even higher by wining 2:0 against Optic GamingOptic Gaming in Grand final and bring home $30,000.

It started mixed for Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas as they took down Red ReserveRed Reserve in group stage 16:14 but immediately after lost to SproutSprout in overtime to shake their position in group. As second in group they’ve placed in upper bracket where they had to play Red ReserveRed Reserve again but this time it’s Bo3 match where they’ve managed to take 2:0 win(16:14 Mirage, 16:12 Train).
NiP-vs-Red Reserve

Their next opponent was Optic GamingOptic Gaming with it’s Danish lineup lead by René Cajun.B Borg. Everyone expected hard match as Ninjas in PyjamasNiP didn’t play impressive during group phase. Optic GamingOptic was better side in this duel as they won 2:1 in maps(16:7 Nuke, 15:19 Overpass and 16:3 Inferno) and kicked Ninjas in PyjamasNiP into lower bracket.

From that point on, it was do or die for Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas as each loss will end their hopes of participating in Major while every win would keep the hope alive. Their next opponent was SproutSprout(who beat them once already) in bo3 match where Ninjas in PyjamasNiP managed to overcome it’s faults and solid play of SproutSprout and get into top3 of the tournament.NiP-vs-Sprout

Next in line was Finish ENCEENCE with raising star Jere Sergej Salo and veteran as coach Joona Natu Leppänen. Great performance by Jani Aerial Jussila have made a lot of problems to swedes by their experience and lots of do or die matches behind them kept them calm and eventually they’ve manage to break the resistance of Fins and walk trough 2nd map. Hard but deserved 2:0(16:12 Overpass, 16:2 Inferno) from Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas secured them spot in Major but they’ve had one more match to play.

Grand Finals – Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas -vs- Optic GamingOptic Gaming – were just formality and prize money difference as both teams have already secured spot in Major. Based on shown in finals it looks like Optic GamingOptic was satisfied with secured spot, while Ninjas in PyjamasNiP had a hunger for the trophy(even though it’s qualifications). Ninjas in PyjamasNiP lost to Optic GamingOptic in upper bracket(2:1) so a dose of revenge was surely present. Ninjas in PyjamasNiP played better and won surely 2:0(16:8 Dust2, 16:7 Nuke) led by their new IGL Jonas Lekro Olofsson who was struggling in event so this good performance will surely help him in future.



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