With unlimited skills, a class-free character build, spectacular bosses, and brutal hack and slash action, Undecember is pure RPG goodness

Free-to-play hack-and-slash action RPG UNDECEMBER is now available for PC via PC via Steam and FLOOR, iOS via App Store, and Android via Google Play worldwide, publisher LINE Games Corporation and developer Needs Games announced. It supports a total of 10 language options, including English, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

Following the hack-and-slash tradition, Undecember is a gratifying whirlwind of brutal takedowns and minute-long massacres where your character can devastate hordes of enemies in one fell swoop. A satisfying and addictive gameplay feature on its own, but Undecember has combined all that is good about the genre with some juicy RPG content.

Not only that, but the game takes a novel approach to skilling up, meaning we’ve finally got an alternative to the same old grind or an obnoxiously OP endgame character with nowhere left to turn. With no defined classes and an infinite combination of skills, Undecember is offering something truly different. The single-player story itself will take you deep into the culture of Traum as you fight to defend it from the incoming darkness, while co-op and boss raids remain on offer throughout. Let’s delve a little deeper…

A little back story

One of Undecember’s greatest features is the rich world that you’ll find yourself in when you begin. Learn of the divine beings, which split into 12 when light came into existence, sharing their powers to create Traum and nurturing their descendants. These descendants flourished under the care of the 12 beings, which were worshipped as gods and lived in harmony with their offspring. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, things have gone downhill since then, as a 13th being unexpectedly burst onto the scene – the evil god Serpens.

Now, it’s time for you to take up your sword against Serpens and bring light back to a world battling with darkness.

Bigger and better

When it’s time to battle with Serpens for real, you’ll be more than ready, thanks to Undecember’s unique levelling system that allows you to keep getting stronger and more powerful as the game progresses. Every enemy you defeat will add to your strength, as you slash through great armies of them with an array of gorgeously responsive weapons.

Undecember doesn’t believe in gear or skill restrictions, so your character will keep getting stronger over time, able to boost their strength even more with powerful equipment, armour, and weaponry. Choose from slashing enemies with swords, aiming from afar with a deadly arrow, or summoning spells to aid you in your quest. Whatever your style, you can learn to take down any enemy.

Builds with no limits

What’s more, Undecember doesn’t have restrictive class builds, so you won’t be bound to only using a staff if you’re a mage, or having to melee everyone as a soldier. Instead, you can pick and choose your own style, making a complex and diverse character that serves your own needs and interests. This unique way of doing things means you’ll be able to take out enemies in more interesting ways as the game goes on, picking from an array of combat styles when needed.

You’ll also be able to add to these combat powers with a range of Skills and Runes. These come in a seemingly limitless amount of combinations, where your character can become strengthened in one specific area or proficient across the board. You’ll be able to customise and switch your Runes so that you’re ready for every battle – regardless of opponent.

Plays beautifully

Undecember is undeniably a beautiful game. The art style and animations are gorgeous, and the myriad tiny details that enrich the environment will keep you endlessly engaged. With high-quality graphics and a deeply responsive character design, every second spent playing Undecember is a treat for the eyes.

Not to mention the glorious visuals of a hack-and-slash game done well, with sweeping attacks that send enemies flying in multiple directions, or powerful quick cuts made with a single blade across hundreds of enemies at once. Yes, the game is brutal and bloody, but you’ll always enjoy watching it unfold.

The ultimate in boss battles

Boss battles were a special consideration for the developers, who wanted these crescendo moments to encompass all the best elements of the game. You’ll be able to skill and equip your player however you want, playing to your own strengths or challenging yourself, but will also be able to team up with others and enjoy the fast-paced combat as part of a team.

The single-player campaign will allow you to explore the world and its fascinating lore, but the boss raids are the crowning glory of Undecember. These relentless, hardcore onslaughts come in the form of Chaos Dungeons and multiple boss raids, where you can find some of the most powerful loot in the game. It’ll be a difficult battle, but the responsive combat and detailed character system will truly shine in the case of a victory.