As the highly anticipated reveal of GTA 6 approaches, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement. Rockstar Games has officially announced that the first trailer for the game will be unveiled in December, ending a decade-long wait.

Renowned Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier brought significant insights into the development of GTA 6 last July. His extensive reporting highlighted a shift in Rockstar’s internal culture, emphasizing improved working conditions, reduced overtime, and enhanced benefits for developers.

The Most Important Info Regarding GTA 6:

  • Development began in various forms in 2014.
  • Codenamed ‘Project Americas’ within Rockstar.
  • Features the first playable female protagonist in the series, a Latina, alongside another character inspired by the infamous duo Bonnie & Clyde.
  • It is set in a fictional version of Miami, essentially revisiting Vice City.
  • Rockstar initially planned for GTA 6 to have the largest map in the series, covering vast regions of North and South America. However, the scale was eventually reduced.
  • Despite being scaled back, the game’s map will still be extensive, with more indoor locations than any previous GTA game.
  • Developers believe the game might be released in 2024 or later.
  • The game’s humor will be more “careful” due to the current political climate in the US.

Moreover, after facing public backlash in 2018 over working conditions, Rockstar has made significant strides to become more progressive and empathetic towards its employees, transitioning from a “boys’ club” to a “real company.”

Huge Technological Advancements

Firstly, Rockstar’s RAGE Engine will receive one of its most significant upgrades, with advancements in physics, particularly in driving mechanics and vehicle models, leading to more realistic crashes and huge graphical enhancements. Something similar will also occur in water physics, with a revolutionary real-time water simulation system, surpassing the mesh system used in GTA 5. Advanced real-time weather and meteorology systems will also be a thing, affecting the environment and gameplay. Lastly, a patented technology for dynamic and realistic character animations will be introduced, allowing characters to adapt their movements seamlessly to different scenarios.

GTA RP Integrated into the Online Mode?

Maybe the most anticipated of all features is the Role Play (RP) mode. We are not really sure but the facts indicate that we might have an RP integration into the online mode.

We are saying that because a few months ago Rockstar acquired, the company behind the famous FiveM platform used to access the RP mode. This acquisition surely shows one thing. Rockstar is preparing for something very big and they may integrate the Role Play mode into GTA 6 itself and not outside the game!