The Great Whale Road is built as a story-driven RPG with town management and simulation features that sees its players take on the role of a clan leader of the Danes from Úlfarrsted. You will face off against both the forces of rival clans and nature as you build up your resources and defense in preparation for the harsh winter.

As of right now, the game only contains the Danish race, but more races will be added in as the game develops through Early Access. Some of the other cultures that are currently planned are the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Northumbria and the Picts in the northwest.

As for why developer Sunburned Games is releasing The Great Whale Road into Early Access, the studio’s Co-Founder & Writer, Joachim Sammer said:

“We have been working on The Great Whale Road for over a year now, and we don’t want to complete the game without players’ feedback. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we have the core mechanics in place and a team of artists and developers on board who are rowing hard towards the ambitious goals we have for The Great Whale Road.”

The Great Whale Road will take players through the seasons, as they travel to gather supplies and resources in the Summer while buckling down and defending themselves from attack in the Winter. You can grab the game now on Steam Early Access for $14.99.