Developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts prepare to release brand new footage for the forthcoming World War I shooter Battlefield 1 at gamescom 2016.

According to DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ Senior Video and Media Director and Editor, Randy Evans, the studios are getting ready to release fresh footage of Battlefield 1 that will be shown two weeks from now at gamescom 2016. Since neither the publisher nor developer have revealed what the trailer’s contents will be, fans have been left to speculate whether it will be strictly cinematic, build upon previously released gameplay footage, or perhaps even provide a combination of the two.

Whatever the case may be concerning the trailer’s materials, as seen in the tweet from Evans below, the work he and his team have done so far has apparently resulted in footage that’s nothing short of fantastic. That said, one can only hope it will give fans an even broader understanding as to what can be expected from all of Battlefield 1 upon the game’s release later this fall.

At this point, Battlefield 1 fans have been given a lot to digest as far as the game’s multiplayer aspects are concerned, so perhaps the new trailer will focus on the World War I shooter‘s single-player mode. After all, DICE and Electronic Arts haven’t really discussed or even touched on what players will experience in the game’s campaign.

Even so, it seems as if DICE and Electronic Arts are going to maximize the time spent at this year’s European gaming conference as much as possible, for not only have the studios behind Battlefield 1 now officially confirmed new footage to be on its way, but also a German community developer for the game recently teased thatthe title’s beta will release after gamescom. Although the open trial’s exact date, time, or contents have not been provided for those looking to take part, it’s possible that developers may simply offer up the first-person shooter’s San Quentin Scar map for the beta after revealing when it will begin, as it did with Battlefield 1‘s closed alpha test.

battlefield 1 gamescom 2016 footage soldiers

For those unaware, gamescom 2016 begins on August 17 and lasts through August 21, but Electronic Arts won’t have an actual press conference at the event, as it has instead opted to host a grand opening function on Tuesday, August 16. Bearing this in mind, the publisher may reveal the date forBattlefield 1‘s open beta prior to the official kick off the ceremony, and then allow fans to access it after gamescom winds down.

At any rate, should Battlefield 1‘s upcoming footage for gamescom 2016 deliver on or exceed the level of quality of its reveal trailer, then fans are definitely in for a treat. Of course, we all are just going to have to wait to see what DICE and Electronic Arts have in store for us.

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.