Call of Duty Warzone players have hit out at Activision for seemingly banning players who abuse voice and text chat more regularly than they are actual hackers and cheaters.

Cheaters have always found a way to worm themselves into games of Call of Duty, however, they’ve never quite taken over things like they have over the last few years of Warzone.

God mode cheats, wall hacks, and aimbotters got so bad in the original Warzone that the devs had to spring into action. Ban waves helped, but the Ricochet anti-cheat was also born out of the issues, which was tasked with putting cheaters in their place.

Despite the clampdowns, hackers have still been able to run wild in Al-Mazrah, much to the annoyance of players. However, they’ve gotten even more annoyed now that it appears cheaters are being ignored as the devs ban voice chatters more regularly.

Warzone players want another crackdown on cheaters

A number of players have called out Activision and the Warzone devs on social media, claiming it’s a “joke” that cheaters are still able to ruin games of the battle royale.

Acitivsion is a joke Reditt

Activision is a joke
byu/_TheRealBuster_ inCODWarzone

“People don’t get banned for cheating, but they can get banned for cursing in game chat. Good job Activision,” said Redditor MoConnors. “How the fuck did we get to this point? Like gonna have AI making sure you’re nice to people even if you get shot through a wall by an aimbot. Pathetic,” another agreed.

“You can cheat all day. Just don’t be mean on voice chat. What the fuck is going on,” another quizzed. “The fact that all WZ2 is rife with hackers and maps look garbage is more than enough to say trashtivision don’t care,” commented another.

Obviously, plenty of voice and text chat bans are much needed, given how toxic things can get after a kill in-game.

However, players believe that priorities for bans are messed up. Though, who knows if that’ll change anytime soon.