The winningest Call of Duty esports player of all time is back in the esports business—but the comeback is not going to take place in Modern Warfare 2.

No, the 37-time CoD champion Crimsix is headed down a new road this time. Literally. FaZe Clan announced today that the former CoD star is going pro on the organization’s sim racing team. Seriously.

Crimsix has always been open about his affinity for high-end cars and racing, and he’s been spending a lot of time livestreaming sim racing gameplay on his Twitch channel with a full racing setup.

Earlier in the day, FaZe announced a four-man team that will be competing under its banner at IEM Katowice this weekend, with one name left blank. That name was later revealed to be none other than the CoD god.

Crimsix will join up with Lucas Mueller, Tim Jarschel, and Ulas Ozyildirim to compete at IEM in a game called Rennsport, with further events scheduled throughout the year.

It didn’t take long for Crimsix to find a new endeavor after leaving the CoD scene. He only announced his retirement from competitive CoD this past September, allowing himself to stream full-time and spend some time with a different love in sim racing.

It appears that the Crimbot’s hand-eye coordination translates from a controller to a full-fledged racing setup. Everyone will be able to see if Crim can become a legend in another game starting this weekend, Feb. 11, at IEM Katowice.