It’s not a rare occurrence in World of Warcraft Classic to leave random players to fend off for themselves, especially when they’re in danger and you don’t want to risk your life. But one group of players banded together, showing kindness still exists in this harsh world and saved an AFK player.

Before hitting the send button to Loogie—the town’s local AFKer—one player shared a tale on WoW Classic’s subreddit. On Sept. 12, a handful of players made their best effort just to save a random player from the grasp of certain death.

Today a party of level 30’s banded together to save a life. Never leave a man behind, and stay safe out there.
byu/FurtherOrder inclassicwow

The AFKer took refuge in Darkshire, a city in Duskwood, after what only could be a long questing session. After this player moved away from their computer, Stitches, a 35 level Elite that runs across the zone, attempted to murder this hero in cold blood. But that was the case until a band of heroes rushed to defend this player.

What makes this entire interaction even more wholesome is the report Loogie, the AFK player, received. The mail also includes the list of bravest Azeroth champions that saved them, and three Lesser Potions to stay safe.

Stitches is only one of those wandering mobs in WoW Classic Hardcore that’s catching players off guard and one-shotting them. If you’re leveling, beware of Son of Arugal in Silverpine Forest, Mor’Ladim at the graveyard in Duskwood, Aean Swiftriver in Barrens, Zaricotl in Badlands, and the Crimson Courier in Eastern Plaguelands. To stay aware of these dangerous mobs, you can download the Unitscan addon and add all of these mobs to your list and you’ll get a notification each time you’re near this mob.