Scarlett is officially the highest-paid professional female gamer in the world.

Scarlett primarily plays Starcraft II and usually plays as Zerg. She is a member of Shopify Rebellion. In her early days in 2012, she played with Team Acer, first appearing under Acer’s colors in a team event in July 2012 when the team faced Team SCV Life in the IPL Team Arena Challenge 3 loser’s bracket. There, she achieved a three-kill (beating Revival, Cyrano, and inori) before losing to Polt.

Her hobbies include Magic: The Gathering and map-making in Warcraft III. She and especially her brother, as Bobo_The_Kodo and PurplePoot respectively, are reputed Warcraft mapmakers.


With the boom in the online streaming industry, many female gamers are also finding it a bit easier to attract prospective attention with their impressive gameplay. With the massive tournaments, the future looks bright for male and female esports professionals.

Xiao-Meng Li

After Scarlett comes Xiao-Meng Li, a Chiness female gamer

Li is the first woman to win the Hearthstone Grandmasters Global Finals and to win a BlizzCon Esports tournament. In November 2019, Liooon defeated Bloodyface in the Hearthstone Global Finals to become the Hearthstone Global champion. She was also the first Hearthstone Global Champion from mainland China since the start of tournaments in 2014.


Katherine, a Fortnite Queen

Katherine Gunn

Gunn became famous for her Dead or Alive 4 performances in the Championship Gaming Series and during the WCG Ultimate Gamer events in 2010, and since then has performed in countless tournaments in dozens of different esports genres. As a teenager, Gunn would travel to local tournaments to play Halo and Street Fighter and collectible card games including Magic the Gathering and Lord of the Rings. Chaperoned by her father Wolf, Gunn would place highly among all competitors. She also has a love for girly dressing and a love of anime, a combination that inspired her to get involved with cosplay and to create the professional gaming and cosplay team, Less Than 3.


  • Main Game: Hearthstone, Dead or Alive, Call of Duty, Halo, Fortnite, and others
  • Gamer Name: Mystik
  • Country: United States
  • Overall Earnings: 123k USD
  • Twitch channel: