The Battle Copter is a new flying machine that will arrive with the release of the Builder Base 2.0 rework in Clash of Clans.

With the arrival of the Builder Base 2.0 looming in Clash of Clans, the devs have begun releasing more information about what we can expect in the highly-anticipated upcoming rework.

This includes the Battle Copter. It is a new flying hero machine that allows you to deal damage from range (similar to the Flying Fortress at the Clan Capital). The Battle Copter comes with a Bomb Rush special ability that charges up during battle.

When you activate the Bomb Rush ability, the Battle Copter will launch a nosedive attack that surges this machine forward to a target where it will then unleash explosive damage.

You can unlock the Battle Copter at Builder Hall level 8. It’s a rapid-fire single-target machine that can target both ground and air objects. It has no favorite target and has a movement speed of 14.

The Battle Copter will provide players with more options (besides the main Battle Machine) when deciding what machine they’ll like to enter the newly revamped battles at the Builder Base. It’s a welcome addition to the game mode and will certainly spark a variety of new attacking strategies and tactics.