Beta testing of Tom Clancy’s The Division successfully launched on Friday on all target platforms. In just a few days players had time to play the content of the earlier version, but PC users have made a startling discovery – a purely multiplayer third person shooter from Ubisoft handles important gameplay data on the client side, and therefore it is very easy to hack and cheat.

In its current state of servers The Division is not worried about the validation that comes to them from the computer and take it on faith, even the craziest values movement speed, and other patrons. They say the game is broken, even with elementary ArtMoney, not to mention the more focused programs. In general, now “beta” The Division on the PC is infested with cheaters and hackers.

Ubisoft is aware of trouble, but full official response is still not prepared. Community manager at the publishing forum claims it, how they say, “no no cheats at all”, and the use of glitches and bugs in the final version will disappear. The representative of the developers of Ubisoft also assures that the team took up the problem and they are trying to solve it until release. Let’s hope that will happen, otherwise, the PC-version will be possible to be put at end – who like to compete with the crowds of cheaters in the dark area?