Switzerland-based esports organization TITANS allegedly owes money to at least two of its former CS:GO players, former ENCE rifler Miikka “suNny” Kemppi and Czech AWPer Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný, thousands of dollars, according to oskar.

The TITANS project came to an end in October after the team didn’t qualify for IEM Rio Major’s Europe Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament. The organization transfer-listed oskar, suNny, Anton “supra” Tšernobai, and coach Serhii “lmbt” Bezhanov that month.

Now that oskar has joined his old team SINNERS, he’s claiming that he only received one paycheck during his nine months with TITANS and that suNny is in a much worse spot.

“They promised us that they would pay, but I waited four months for the first salary,” oskar told Czech website PLAYzone, according to machine translation. “When they sent the money, they promised more, but then nothing came, so I only received one and a half salary for those nine months. SuNny is owed at least $100,000.”

Image via TITANS Esports

Oskar told PLAYzone that he regrets leaving SINNERS to play for TITANS and that he would not have reunited with suNny and lmbt, his old teammates from the MOUZ’s days, had he known the players were having trouble getting their money from TITANS.

“I was laughing a lot at the computer because it was so ridiculous and I thought I was really stupid to leave SINNERS because of this,” oskar said.