It was question of time when will crypto currencies enter world of gaming and esport in general. While most who anticipated this move expected some sort of game coin(which arrived from few expected to have a tournament prize paid out in coins.

Falcon club in Minsk, belarusBelarus will hold 8 teams CSGO tournament(7 invited and 1 through qualifications), where best teams will be awarded with Play2Live‘s coin called Level Up Coin(LUC) instead of real money.

What is Play2Live? Check out on video bellow.

bigBIG, space soldiersSpace Soldiers, goodjobGoodJob, Valiance, agoAGO, godsentGODSENT and
sproutSprout are invited directly to event, while on 10th and 11th of February we will get final participant trough online qualifications held on platform and streamed on

Total of $100,000 worth of crypto currency(Level Up Coin) will be distributed as follows:

  1. $50,000
  2. $30,000
  3. $10,000
  4. $10,000
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Marko Ladavac