After amazing night were we got two new Legends(fazeFaZe and g2G2) and seen two old legends drop out of the tournament(virtusproVirtus.Pro and northNorth), we have another day filled with interesting matches.

All game can be watched on Twitch channel of ELEAGUE with best casters and analysts in the world.

space soldiersSpace Soldiers -vs- bigBIG – Match LINK
space soldiersSpace Soldiers showed us that they can play versus any opponent. Having sk gamingSK on their toes and barely losing in the end 13:16, beating cloud9Cloud9 16:13 and eventually fall to gambitGambit again 13:16 we ca expect one more good performance from them. Their opponents bigBIG started really badly with taking only 6 rounds in total vs.
mousesportsMousesports and team liquidLiquid but eventually taking a win against northNorth 16:12.
Question is can bigBIG repeat game they had versus northNorth and even if they do, will it be enough to take down space soldiersSpace Soldiers who has shown far better play so far.
In our opinion space soldiersSpace Soldiers are favorites in this match.

quantum bellator fireQuantum Bellator Fire -vs- mousesportsMousesports – Match LINK
Russian team quantum bellator fireQBF started strong in this major by taking down virtusproVirtus.Pro and
gambitGambit but eventually falling to g2G2(one of two teams who qualified with 3:0 so far). Their game is very simple but effective, so we can expect the same from them.
A strong CT side and great aim is the best Russian side has. mousesportsMousesports had far harder path by playing versus astralisAstralis 16:2, sk gamingSK 12:16 and vega squadronVega Squadron 16:3. With everything shown mousesportsMousesports has to be a favorite here but Russian side has nothing to lose here so we can expect a solid performance from them.

astralisAstralis -vs- cloud9Cloud9 – Match LINK
Only remaining Danish team astralisAstralis has quite hard start at the major and their next opponent isn’t gonna be any easier. After catastrophic start against mousesportsMousesports 2:16 it appeared like they are getting back to their recognizable level after win of 16:14 versus northNorth, just to fall to fnaticfnatic 16:8. cloud9Cloud9 on other hand had somewhat less worst start but they did start with 0:2 after losses to g2G2 8:16 and space soldiersSpace Soldiers 13:16. Their only win so far came after win against fallen legends virtusproVirtus.Pro 16:7. This will be very interesting match to watch as both teams certainly have quality to advance to playoffs but their current form is not showing that. In our opinion astralisAstralis has slight advantage against cloud9Cloud9.

team liquidLiquid -vs- vega squadronVega Squadron – Match LINK
North American team, team liquidLiquid had quite easy start on major by beating bigBIG convincingly 16:5 but after that they fell to g2G2 8:16 and na'ViNatus Vincere 9:16 to get themselves a loss from dropping out of tournament. They do play with their coach
brasilWilton zews Prado as stand-in so we cannot really say that they are not playing their best but his presence – or should we say lack of presence of their standard 5th
brasilLucas “steel” Lopes – is noticeable in some games. vega squadronVega Squadron on other hand had great start by taking down legends team northNorth but after that fell to two very strong opponents – fazeFaZe 3:16 and mousesportsMousesports 3:16. Even though team liquidLiquid plays with stand-in we think that two very big losses will affect vega squadronVega Squadron morale and they will have hard time taking this one despite their efforts. In our opinion team liquidLiquid has slightly bigger chance to take this one simply because of more experience in these kind of matches.

gambitGambit -vs- sk gamingSK – Match LINK
This is definitely match of a day as defending champions gambitGambit is playing world best ranked team sk gamingSK-Gaming. gambitGambit was one of favorites to advance to playoffs without much effort after beating na'ViNatus Vincere 16:5 and space soldiersSpace Soldiers 16:13, but their slip and loss to quantum bellator fireQuantum Bellator Fire in overtime 16:19 cost them a lot now as they have really strong opponent to standing in their way. sk gamingSK had pretty shaky path by taking down space soldiersSpace Soldiers 16:13 and Mousesports 16:12 with both matches having possibility to go other way on very small but important details in few rounds.
sk gamingSK has to be considered better side here but gambitGambit will not just back down so we can expect very close result in the end.

fnaticfnatic -vs- na'ViNatus Vincere – Match LINK
Two legends in CS and CSGO history will battle for advance with renewed rosters. Both teams showed good and bad sides and by now their IGL’s and coaches should have solved most of the problems they experienced in previous matches. fnaticfnatic started in hardest way possible by having fazeFaZe as their first opponents who ended up being far to strong 8:16 but then they’ve recovered fast and had two very solid wins against virtusproVirtus.Pro 16:6 and astralisAstralis 16:8. na'ViNatus Vincere started their journey against defending champions gambitGambit and fell hard 5:16. It looked like that was a wake up call for CIS team as they destroyed both bigBIG 16:1 and Liquid 16:9 after that. It will be very hard to say who is favorite here but if we are to compare opponents and scores we would say that fnaticfnatic has slight edge in this one.

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