ELEAGUE CSGO Boston Major day 2 – Summary

Boston Major CSGO

Day two of CSGO major held in Boston, united states of americaUSA brought us several unexpected results and some really awesome games.

quantum bellator fireQuantum Bellator Fire 19 -vs- 16gambitGambit
First timers on Major quantum bellator fireQBF started their event with victory over Virtus.pro but second round opponent is in far better form than polish side. gambitGambit gaming an defending champion of CSGO Major destroyed na'ViNa’Vi on de_nuke so they were clear favorites in this match up. Match was played in series so after initial lead of 2:0 for
quantum bellator fireQBF gambit returned with 3 consecutive round on their T side, just to have quantum bellator fireQBF take next 5 as CT. Whole match was ran in series of rounds taken by one of the teams, but it only led to overtime. There quantum bellator fireQBF managed to take the win with “easy” 4-1 score to secure 2:0 in swiss format for them and now they only need one more game to qualify for playoffs and secure Legends status! What a run for Khazak team! gambitGambit is on 1:1 score and they are in need of two more wins in order to advance.

space soldiersSpace Soldiers 16 -vs- 13 cloud9Cloud9
As one would expect from two very promising teams, we’ve had a blast watching this match. de_cobble is expectedly T sided map and this game showed us nothing less. Amazing attacking side from space soldiersSpace Soldiers showed us 11:4 half time as T, with only hand full of rounds taken “easy” by either side. Unexpected plays and amazing baits were part of pretty much every round but space soldiersSpace Soldiers were somehow on top of it most of the time. Second half started the same way for cloud9Cloud9 who won first 4 rounds and managed to recover with additional 5 after space soldiersSpace Soldiers managed to defend 3 on their own. However space soldiersSpace Soldiers was a somewhat better side and managed to close out the game with 16:13. Huge win for turkish team as first timers on Major event. They now stand on 1:1, which can be considered very positive as they played sk gamingSK in first round. cloud9Cloud 9 is on 0:2 and they are in big problem as next match can decide their faith

fazeFaZe 16 -vs- 3 vega squadronVega Squadron
fazeFaZe finished qualifications with 3-1 score and that one loss has came from vega squadronVega Squadron. As one would expect from #2 teams in the world fazeFaZe took this match seriously and prepared for de_train on time. fazeFaZe started as CT and completely destroyed attacking plans of vega squadronVega Squadron who only managed to take 3 rounds as T. When sides turned fazeFaze continued as expected and with 4:0 finished the game without any worries or problems. fazeFaze is now on 2:0 while vega squadronVega Squadron has 1:1 score.

g2G2 16:8 team liquidLiquid
g2G2 started their match really strong as they won 8 CT rounds consecutively on de_inferno , before team liquidLiquid managed to get on scoreboard with ace from Nick “nitr0” Cannella. team liquidLiquid managed to get two rounds in a row as T but that was pretty much everything they’ve done as T’s as half was finished with huge lead for g2G2 of 12-3! After changing sides team liquidLiquid started somewhat better – making run of 5-1 – and it looked like we could have a close game in the end. 3 quick rounds from g2G2 closed any hopes as map is finished with score 16:8. g2G2 is now on good 2:0 score while team liquidLiquid is on 1:1.

sk gamingSK 16:12 mousesportsMousesports
This definitely was match of the day as both teams showed good play in first round.
sk gamingSK as #1 ranked team was clear favorite but knowing how good and strong
mousesportsMousesports can be this started and ended as really good match. Match was played on de_mirage and it was played in short series of 2-3 rounds most of the time for one team before other makes same thing for them. sk gamingSK was playing T side and after initial 3 rounds, series swap started but it ended 7:8 for mousesportsMousesports in the end. Not really best defense from german side but having sk gamingSK as opponent you will gladly take it at any point. Swapping sides brought us same type of play where players were making great shots and mini series on both sides but sk gamingSK managed to keep mousesportsMousesports econmy under control. Last few rounds mousesportsMousesports had problems getting full buy so their executions and post plant positions were significantly weakend whcih sk gamingSK used as much as they could. Match ended with score 16:12 but at multiple points game could have gone in different way.
sk gamingSK is now 2:0 while mousesportsMousespors is on 1:1.

virtusproVirtus.Pro 6 -vs- 16 fnaticfnatic
virtusproVirtus.pro as expected failed to deliver. They haven’t showed any class for last who knows how long and today was no different. fnaticfnatic simply stomped them on both sides. de_inferno where fnaticfnatic is attacking shows completely non-working polish side as swedes run them over with easy 10:5. That even looked “ok” for virtusproVirtus.Pro but changing sides showed how bad they really are at the moment. fnaticfnatic started strong as CT, making 5 rounds in a row and getting to match point. virtusproVirtus.Pro managed to deny them first match point but in just next round fnaticfnatic finished one really one sided game for total score of 6:16. virtusproVirtus.Pro is now on 0:2 and they are on verge of being eliminated while fnaticfnatic managed to get to safe part of the board with 1:1.

bigBIG 1 -vs- 16 na'ViNatus Vincere
From one of most expected games in round we got probably biggest white wash with      na'ViNatus Vincere taking down bigBIG easier than expected. It looked like it started well for bigBIG as they won pistol round on de_inferno but very fast everything turned around for them as na'ViNatus Vincere completely destroyed them afterwards and without an issue closed the game with 1:16! bigBIG is now on 0:2 and they are on verge of dropping out, while na'ViNatus Vincere managed to jump back and to get 1:1 score.

astralisAstralis 16 -vs- 14 northNorth
Danish derby all around! Two best danish teams played on de_train and saw one of the closes game of the day. northNorth started as T and after winning pistol round they managed to secure next two. However astralisAstralis didn’t give up and they defended two next rounds with defuses but then game starts to play out one round for each team. Finally northNorth manages to secure two rounds in a row and starts huge series of 6 rounds in a row to finish the half with 4:11 in their favor. In seconds half T side continues to dominate the map, but this time it’s astralisAstralis who is gaining advantage. If we thought that northNorth had good side we were wrong. astralisAstralis plays absolutelly dominant T side where they take needed 12 rounds – without taking pistol round – to secure themselves a win 16:14. astralisAstralis is now 1:1 while northNorth is on verge of elimination with score 0:2.

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