US security FBI wants to teach children about extremism with a goat game. The player gets to see the game of propaganda messages that can lead to extremism.
The game is part of the campaign ‘Do not be a puppet’ of the FBI. The service will let children play with the game to think about their actions, so they do not easily let others lead.

Slippery Slope, the player must lead a goat to finish by avoiding obstacles. In the example, six levels are the lyrics “our group is threatened” “we can only defend ourselves with violence” and “violence we come to a better future.” The slogans referring to texts that are widely used by extremist organizations.

If the player dies get messages like “the enemy is responsible for this injustice” are displayed. When you lose all six of lives is a list of all the propaganda slogans.

It is unclear why the FBI chose a goat should avoid square strange obstacles. The controls do not seem to work quite right.