Team1231 will join ranks of the Guerilla Method. After quite some time following a possible team to represent name, we have finally found a worthy team.  Team1231 showed their performance by reaching the semi-finals of the CSGO Serbian league, where they lost to iNation yet managed to jump back by taking down the aforementioned team in the finals of WESG Adriatic Qualifications.

 Nemanja “k1Ng0r” Bošković
Petar “HOLMES” Dimitrijević
Nemanja “nexa” Isaković
Filip “k0ja” Kojić
Nemanja “NK” Krstić

The first event the team will participate in is WESG EU Qualifications in Kyev,  Ukraine.

Team leader is one of the veterans of Serbian CS scene,  Nemanja “k1Ng0r” Bošković, who made his statement on joining ranks of Guerilla Method:

Few days ago after a WESG qualifier win, we started searching for a home so we can focus mainly on playing. Today we are really happy to announce that we have joined Guerilla Method organization. I’m really excited to play under GM banner which is really old and pretty famous organization here in the region, now back in business. I hope we will grow together and become consistent solid team in CS:GO Scene.

We also have a statement from GM owner and CEO  Marko Ladavac:

We are very pleased being able to work with players of this caliber. Our aim is to help them grow as players and as team for a long period of time. We are looking forward working with our new CSGO team and their upcoming matches and events.