Guerilla Method wins TubeFest CSGO Tournament over Project Lunacy 2:0 – de_cbble 16:10 & de_cache 19:15 to take €500 and hardware prizes!

Match started well for Project Lunacy who were up 0:4 as T on de_cobble. After few back and forward rounds GM managed to close our the game and finish half with satisfying 6:9. After side swaps GM started playing their A game and made 10:1 run to close out first map with convincing 16:10.

On de_cache GM started well by taking pistol and next two rounds for 3:0 lead. However Project Lunacy didn’t surrender. They managed to end half being down 10:5 before swapping sides. In second half we’ve seen lots of taken over rounds where no team managed to make a two rounds in a row. However after clinching a round for a tie 15:15 Project Lunacy didn’t have strength to win the overtime which belonged to GM 4:0 for total of 19:15 and 2:0 in maps!

1. Guerilla Method €500 + 1x Raijintek Chassis(Themis) + 3x Raijintek Water Cooling systems (Triton)
2. Project Lunacy 5x voucher worth 5000rsd each for spending in + 1x Raijintek Chassis(Themis) +3x Raijintek coolers
3-4. iNation
3-4. GamePub
5-6. eFrag Staff
5-6. PC Axe

MVP of tournament was Nemanja “nexa” Isaković who won AMD Radeon RX470 for his efforts!

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