We are proud to present Dota 2 team, which will represent  Guerilla Method colors in the world of Dota 2!

The best Serbian team for quite some time with the addition of one Swedish player will be fighting their way to the top of the Dota 2 world!

dota 2 logo on a black backgroundPreviously known as 3D-eSports team who won GG Dota 2 League, secured 2nd place on RUR Dota 2 league with spot on Reboot Infogamer 2 LAN finals and currently playing playoffs at JoinDota for spot in 2.X division.

Team consists of four players from Serbia and one from Sweden:
Vukosav “x_T_c” Babović – Carry
Pavle “Majesty” Milićević – Mid Lane
Luka “Strelok” Jovičić – Off Lane
Petar “Mali burgos razbijac” Milenković – Support
Christoffer “Tottzor” Norén – Support

Their first match will be on March 29th 2018 when they play in JoinDota playoffs for spot in 2.x division!

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Marko Ladavac