It is widely known that e frage-Frag owes money to players participating in their CSGO “The World Championship” event, which was never paid out due to azubuAzubu failing to provide contractually promised $100,000 in prize money. After a while of talking with azubuAzubu officials – which provided no resolution – Serbian based organization e frage-Frag decided to hire a lawyer from California, USA to help out with the case. Last information about that case is that contract is being investigated by court and both sides are awaiting it’s decision.

the world championshipStatement given by e frage-Frag shows that there was attempt fromazubuAzubu to “solve” the issue:

In world of dota 2Dota2 where Sam Manuelson, owner of prodotaProDota event organization has announced that azubuAzubu owes him quite a bit of money. This time amount is somewhat less than with e frage-Frag debt, but $64,837 is owed by azubuAzubu at the end of contract which expired at the end of 2017. Manuelson even covered some of the prize money – when azubuAzubu failed to deliver contractually promised amount – from his own pocket in order to keep his side of the deal honored.


azubuAzubu stated that they are in big financial issues but at the time of issue with e frage-Frag, they’ve purchased Hitbox streaming platform and renamed it intosmashcastSmashcast for staggering $40 million! However some sources states that previous owners of Hitbox are yet to receive their money from azubuAzubu – and by looking at statements from e frage-Frag and prodotaProDota – it’s very questionable will they ever receive it.

After Manuelson spoke publicly about his issues with azubuAzubu it can be fairly surely said that it’s azubuAzubu the shady one here and not prodotaProDota and/or e frage-Frag.

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Marko Ladavac