SK Gaming to acquire services of ex-100Thieves lineup

SK Gaming

sk gamingSK-Gaming one of most known and popular gaming organizations in the world has troubles extending contact with current brasilBrazilian lineup.
Team led by Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo who won multiple CS:GO major events and have been one of the most dominant team in last two years, will most likely change it’s colors.


Rumors about issue with contract extension with sk gamingSK emerged couple of months ago with reasons like “bad accommodation” to “not seeing eye to eye as organization”, however real reason is hard to be known unless one of two sides states the reason publicly.

Being in top of the CS:GO world has almost forced sk gamingSK to look for alternative lineup which can represent them in future – now that esport market is rapidly growing.

According to DeKay’s post sk gamingSK is in talks with ex 100 thieves100 Thieves lineup also from
brasilBrazil about acquiring their services.

Team showed their best at last major of 2017 when they’ve played finals against
gambitGambit, unfortunately losing in the end.

ex immortals

If deal is made sk gamingSK-Gaming new lineup will – at the moment – look as following:
brasilHenrique “HEN1” Teles
brasilLucas “LUCAS1” Teles
brasilLincoln “fnx” Lau
brasilBruno “bit” Lima

Fifth player is currently unknown but increasing amount of talent coming from brasilBrazil will probably provide adequate skilled player to fill in the spot. It is certain that VitokNgV-Giuseppe will not be part of new teams as he stated that he moved on to new role in world of esport. However as players are no longer linked to 100 thieves100 Thieves organization he could potentially make a comeback and show his incredible talent.

It is still unknown where current sk gamingSK-Gaming lineup will end up after their contracts expire in July 2018. Fallen has stated that he is sorry about the way they’ve parted ways with luminosity gamingLuminosity Gaming. However there is increasingly amount of newly created organization with big amount of money – required for team of their caliber – that could emerge and grab one of best CS:GO teams currently existing.

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