Cloud9 the reigning champions of Valve Major is playing versus HellRaisers in 0-1 group after both team lost on first day of FACEIT London Major.

First Half:
It started well for Cloud9 as they’ve won pistol and following 2 rounds for 3:0 score before HellRasers managed to get on board. After that CIS team was very dominant as they’ve took 8 out of 9 round to turn things around and finish half 10:5. Only player who was showing up for Cloud9 was Martin “STYKO” Styk with 18 kills.

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Second Half:
Cloud9 was gain good in opening rounds as they took 5 consecutive rounds to get closer on board 10:10. HellRaisers managed to stop Cloud9 winning spree and get the game into exciting finish. Teams played round for round and Cloud9 was first one to get the match point after clear entry on B site where they’ve simply cleaned HellRaisers out. As neither team managed to get 16th round we ended up in overtime.

Overtime First Half:
Fast play from Cloud9 didn’t surprise HellRaisers even though Timothy “Automatic” Ta  made quad kill but bence “DeadFox” Böröcz manages to survive alive until end of the round as Cloud9 fails to plant the bomb. Other two rounds finished in Vladyslav “bondik” Nechyporchuk style as he cleans up Cloud9 on B site alone to give HellRaisers 19:16 lead.

Overtime Second Half:
Cloud9 managed to stop initial push from HellRaisers as double monster setup works flawlessly and they even get double AWP setup for 2nd round. Fast push on B site crushes Cloud9 defense but HellRaisers decides to play mind games as they move towards A site and get plant. As they’ve managed to defend the plan they win the game 19:16.

hellraisers vs cloud9