Nintendo will this year focus its whole E3 presence on one game – a new The Legend of Zelda title.

14th June at 9. o’clock in the morning local time, the head of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime will begin full-day event Nintendo Treehouse which would also be streamed on the Internet.

On the stream we will have the opportunity to see a single game, the new Legend of Zelda game, it’s expected for the first time, to see the gameplay, interviews with members of the development team and other “behind-the-scenes” information.

This event will be the only one that Nintendo will have during E3’s.  Nintendo Direct is not even expected, to which we are accustomed to in recent years.

Nintendo has decided that at this time it is enough to show only the new Zelda game since it is already known that the E3 will not the new Nintendo console NX presentation. New Zelda should be quite different from the past because players will have exactly mapped out set of goals and the game will have new gameplay mechanics.