The new season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, originally set to begin around Feb. 1, will now begin on Feb. 15, Activision confirmed today.

Rumors of a delay to the new season began floating around thanks to a tweet from a data miner, and it didn’t take long for Activision to confirm that fans have to wait a bit longer for new CoD content than originally planned.

“Season 02 will be launching on Feb. 15,” the tweet reads. “Our studio teams have been making several changes based on what we have heard from our player community.”

CoD fans have had no shortage of complaints and suggestions for both of the main CoD modes, and it seems like Activision has been working behind the scenes to bring them to fruition. But that’s not all.

“Season 02 includes all new content, with the return of Resurgence and a brand new small map for Warzone 2.0,” Activision said. “Ranked play is also back and coming to MW2, along with new multiplayer maps, new modes, weapons, and much more. Stay tuned for additional intel.”

The return of Resurgence will be a huge boon for Warzone fans who prefer the respawn mode to traditional battle royale, and MW2 players hoping to grind a competitive mode should be excited by the confirmation of ranked play beginning soon.




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