This is a major shift in Modern Warfare 3

A major feature of Modern Warfare 2 has been removed with Modern Warfare 3 weapon tuning not existing.

In a new blog post released in November 3, the developers revealing they had removed weapon tuning from the next iteration of Call of Duty set to launch on November 10.

Modern Warfare 3 weapon tuning scrapped

modern warfare 3
Modern Warfare 3 Credit Activision

The official blog states that “Based on community feedback, Sledgehammer Games has removed the Weapon Tuning feature present in MWII and has made further improvements to make Gunsmith easier to use. This change to Weapon Tuning applies to both MWII and MWIII weapons that utilize modifications.”

This means that even if you use a weapon that previously had tuning in Modern Warfare 2, it will not have it in Modern Warfare 3.

In determing which weapons are best at the specific playstyle you want, you’ll have “nine important stats” according to Activision. You can find the stats and their descriptions below:

Damage: The points of damage you inflict on an enemy, dependent on where the area of the foe you hit, within the effective range of the weapon.

Fire Rate: The rounds per minute and the rechamber time of the weapon.
Range: The range that your weapon effectively inflicts the damage and the velocity of each bullet fired.

Accuracy: The spread from hip fire in degrees, and how resistant to flinching while firing you are while employing the weapons.
Recoil Control: The gun’s kick, as well as its horizontal and vertical recoil in degrees.

Mobility: How quickly you can generally move, crouch and move, sprint, tactically sprint, and ADS while using the weapon.
Handling: The ADS speed, reload quickness, sprint to fire speed, and weapon swap speed.

Rounds: The number of individual pieces of ammunition (e.g., bullets or slugs) the weapon can fire before reloading is needed.

Reserve: The additional ammunition the weapon carries. Once the Rounds and Reserve number is reduced to zero, you’re out of ammunition.

In addition, they’ve fleshed out the pros and cons of every weapon attachment to provide a more in-depth look at each attachment, allowing you to fine tune a little more without needing an actual Modern Warfare 3 weapon tuning system.


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