Scorn is a horror game in which the player is set in a strange world inspired by the works of H.R. Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinskog where must discover the reasons why it is there and what can be done to affect the world itself. In addition, to solving puzzles, there is a possibility of interaction and struggle with other creatures.

“From a design derived many elements of the story and gameplay so that we attach the highest priority. In our game there is no textual instructions or conversations with other characters so everything has to be implied through design. “

While many of today’s horror games rely too much on sudden raids, the Ebb Software studio has shifted the focus to create unfavorable atmosphere. You also want the players to have an awareness of the whole body of players in the game with the help of animation and natural movements.

scorn_image5 scorn_image2

“All the main character works in the game is completely visual farewell animations and natural movements. There are no objects flying in space or gun which I miraculously filled. “

“It’s an individual thing. Horror and comedy are the two most difficult genre in any medium, and many depend on the creator, or the sensibilities of the audience. Good horror, and thus a good horror game should work on a psychological level, to force the player to think about everything that is experienced and remain in his head when he stops playing.

The biggest problem is that they all copy each other and make games based on trends. Therefore, currently under development, there are 2 or 3 games that are copies Konamijevog suspended P.T.-a. About copies amnesia to say nothing. “

The game should be available in the market as a PC exclusive during the first quarter of 2017.