The victors of the $20 million International 6 are Wings!!!!

It could be the best International ever based on how many cracking games and the number of surprises, and it came to its crescendo just now when Wings became The International 6 champions.

Wings are your International 6 champions

Digital Chaos and Wings was the finale of The International 6, and there were no two teams more befitting of their spot. Digital Chaos went on a rampage through the lower-bracket eliminating a total of 5 teams from TI6, including the former champions Evil Geniuses in the LB Finals.

Wings on the other hand, started slow on day 1 of the group stages, but then gathered momentum much like Digital Chaos, qualifying for the upper-bracket and remaining undefeated in the playoffs all the way to the Grand Final. Both were known for creative drafting, both were on a roll when they finally clashed in a battle for the $9 million first-place prize.

With the TI6 a wrap here are the final standings of the top 16 teams. The winners of TI6 receive over $9 million, whilst second place is over $3 million. It is the third year in a row Evil Geniuses have placed top 3 and the prize money for their bronze medal at TI6 is over $2 million, which will make their mid player SumaiL a teenage millionaire.

1st: cn Wings Gaming- $9,119,210
2nd: us Digital Chaos – $3,419,704
3rd: us Evil Geniuses – $2,176,175
4th: my Fnatic – $1,450,783
5th-6th: cn EHOME – $932,646
5th-6th: kr MVP Phoenix – $932,646
7th-8th: ph TNC Pro Team – $518,137
7th-8th: eu Team Liquid – $518,137
9th-12th: cn Newbee – $310,882
9th-12th: cn LGD-Gaming – $310,882
9th-12th: se The Alliance – $310,882
9th-12th: world OG – $310,882
13-16th: cn Vici Gaming Reborn – $103,627
13-16th: eu Escape Gaming – $103,627
13-16th: eu Team Secret – $103,627
13-16th: ua Natus Vincere – $103,627