A new patch is coming for No Man’s Sky, according to Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray, who says that it will make all players on PC and PS4 ‘very happy’.

There’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that No Man’s Sky has been struggling since launch, with numerous players reporting issues with the game, in particular on the PC version. Now, though, a tweet from Sean Murray suggests that fans of the space exploration game will be “very happy” with a new patch that Hello Games is currently working on.

Now available to both console and PC users, No Man’s Sky has been a huge success on all platforms, becoming the second biggest launch ever on the PS4. Since the majority of performance issues with the game have been for PC users, Murray’s tweet suggesting that both PC and PS4 players will enjoy the patch perhaps means that new features are coming to the game, rather than fixes.

 If new features were to be added, Murray has stated previously that base-building and large space-freighters would be coming after release in the form of free patches toNo Man’s Sky, though it’d be impressive if the team were already on schedule to release such large forms of DLC.

It seems more likely that Hello Games have been working on some fix patches based on the massive amounts of player feedback that the developers have been receiving since launch. This is probably for the best, given the gaming community’s often passionate response to broken games, as seen recently with Niantic’s Pokemon GO.

no man's sky walkers

An experimental version of the game is available for testers on Steam to try out and appears to have fixed a lot of the major issues for many players, which makes a fix patch for the base game seem even more likely. For the time being, PC gamers have come up with a few adjustments to help No Man’s Sky perform better on their computers.

According to Murray, new visual enhancements such as temporal AA and new cloud rendering tech should be coming soon too, which will vastly change how the game looks, but this is probably a little further off that a week after release.

Rumors that No Man’s Sky could come to Xbox One have also surfaced, though for Microsoft fans’ sake we hope it arrives only after the issues have been sorted out, and in the form of a better port than the PC version of the game too.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.