compLexity kept destroying their opponents as BIG lass 16:8 on Nuke. They are now first team to have 3:0 score which grants them LEGENDS status and few free days to prepare for knockout phase.

First Half:
compLexity has shown that it’s very prepared for every and any opponent. First rounds vs. BIG(CT) on Nuke went to compLexity(T) and German side needed 8 rounds to get on board. Huge lead was somewhat reduced as BIG managed to compensate on compLexity errors and get half to decent 9:6 in favor of American team.

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Second Half:
BIG started bad at second half by taking only 2 rounds out of 6 as compLexity cement their huge lead and easily get to 14:8 score. Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker and Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan were great for compLexity as BIG‘s attack fell a part. It looked too easy for compLexity as they took two more remaining rounds to close out the game.

compLexity is first team to advance with perfect score 3:0 while BIG is now 2:1 and will keep fighting for LEGENDS spot.

complexity vs big

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Marko Ladavac