FACEIT has announced day 1 matches for their Major event held in London from 12th to 23rd of September.
There are some very interesting matches that you should be keep your eye on.

We decided to give you a short list of most interesting matches and our predictions for them.

Natus Vincere -vs- Astralis
Ukrainian organization is in great shape lately and their match up against Astralis will be one for the books. Astralis on other hand just lost DreamHack Masters Stockholm finals to North and fell to NiP in Major qualifications, so their form is somewhat questionable. Having said that they are still #1 in the world and favorite in this match.

Mousesports -vs- Ninjas in Pyjamas
Mousesports is certainly one of the best teams when you look at their long time form. As a group of 5 very different but highly skilled individuals they are a force to be reckoned with. Ninjas on other hand have started a winning streak as they have 11-3 score since start of FACEIT Minor in July.

Cloud9 -vs- Vega Squadron
Cloud9 has lost two probably most important players to MIBR recently so they are still searching for they play style and form. Vega on other hand is playing quality CS for a while and should be considered a favorite in this match.

All matches of Day 1 – you can see bellow:
faceit major day1 matches

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Marko Ladavac