Ninjas finished top2 in Major Qualifier after beating Astralis and two more opponents to qualify for final event.

Their first rival in London was none other than one of the most consistent teams currently Mousesports. After interesting pick and ban phase final map that both teams were fine with was Mirage.

First Half:
Mousesports started better as they won pistol round and two more to get to 3:0 score at first full rounds for both teams. Ninjas struck back with their own 3 rounds in a row to tie up the score. Until the end of the half both teams were switching in lead and made mini series to end up with result 6:9 in favor of Ninjas.

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Second Half:
This time it was Ninjas who started better after Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund made triple kill to secure the round. After pistol NIP secured two more rounds to get score to 6:12 and get a quality lead over Mousesports.

Mousesports struck back but Ninjas managed to grind out few more required rounds to finish the match 16:12 including GeT_RiGhT making quad kill on A site for 16th round.

mousesports vs nip

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Marko Ladavac