ELeague’s premier #CSGO league has reached playoffs with some very surprising and unexpected results.

Favorites for whole event, Brazilian mibrMiBR and international fazeFaZe have both failed to advance from groups. Brazilian side had a single victory against cloud9Cloud9 which currently has only 3 players(used 2 stand in players – Martin “Styko” Styk and Maikil “Golden” Selim) but failed to beat team liquidTeam Liquid twice as North American team successfully won both games 2:0. It shows that Brazilian side has a potential but they still need some work on team play and executions.

From group A teams who advance are currently #1 in the world Danish astralisAstralis and North American team liquidTeam Liquid.

eleague premier groups 2018

fazeFaze on other hand was finally complete with return of Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer to starting lineup after several months of complete inactivity. It looked like fazeFaZe will be able to beat mousesportsMousesports since they started well on Train with 16:11 win, but mousesportsMousesports regained composure and won next two maps cache 12:16 and mirage 13:16. In second and deciding game fazeFaze fell to rising fnaticFnatic who drastically revamped their lineup(added Richard “Xist” Landström and William “Draken” Sundin from NiP, while letting go Jonas “Lekro” Olofsson(NiP) and Golden).

From group B teams who advance are mousesportsMousesports and na'ViNatus Vincere.

On 28th July – astralisAstralis will play versus mousesportsMousesports at 20:00 CET while na'ViNatus Vincere will match up with team liquidTeam Liquid at 23:00CET.

Both matches are expected to be of highest quality as it’s hard to say that any team is big favorite. Only team who can have a minor favorite title is astralisAstralis due to their current form and world ranking. However we’ve seen mousesportsMousesports beat #1 ranked teams before.

All matches can be watched at ELeague official stream https://www.twitch.tv/eleaguetv .

Images courtesy of HLTV.org

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