While queuing for Dota 2, most players prefer the Safe-lane, Mid-lane or Off-lane. And it’s not their fault exactly; the glory lies with these positions. But supporting players are the lungs of this MOBA title. It is not surprising that supports orchestrate the final outcome of a match.

After Valve revamped their Ranked system and forced players to play support heroes, players are bound to play Position 4 or Position 5. If you are newbee in Dota 2 and cannot decide who to play then this guide is for you.

1. Crystal Maiden

Even with the most low health bank Crystal Maiden is an early to mid-game nuker who can easily oppress the lane. She has two powerful nuke abilities that can easily overwhelm enemies in the lane. That means after level two he can kill any foe-laner.

VIa Valve Dota 2

His passive Arcane Aura increases mana regeneration for her team globally, which means if a Skywrath Mage or Zeus is on mid they can spam basically free spells.

Maiden’s ultimate ability, Freezing Field is a lethal area damage spell, combined with Aghanim scepter and Shards, she is deadly in ganks.

2. Lich

As a hard support your mail role is to protect your core heroes, stack for them and assist them to get some early kills for farm-boost. Lich not only protects his ally hero but also deals burst damage. His Frost Shield that can be cast on himself or on an ally will slow down nearby enemies while damaging. His first skill allows him to do burst damage on a single target and with Sinister Gaze ability Lich can disable his target for a while pulling them towards him.

And his ultimate, Chain Frost is the most lethal magical ability that can easily sabotage any gank, even in late games. Once the ability is cast enemies have to run away from each other and allow your team to target them one by one.

3. Ogre Magi

One of the tankiest support heroes in the game, Ogre Magi can easily turn the tide of the game with his multiple muti-casted spells.

Via Valve Dota 2

Thanks to his large heath pool, he is a support you can’t pick off that easily. He will survive longer in a game and do damages, stunts while boosting his allies speed.

His first skill, Fireblast deals decent damage while stunning the opponents. Second skill, Fire Blasts cast multiple fireballs towards enemies which causes movement reduction and damage over time. His third skill, Bloodlast can buff teammates’ attack and movement speed significantly. And ultimate allows him to cast those above stated three skills multiple times.

4. Jakiro

This twin-headed dragon can breathe fire and cold to damage and sabotage their enemies. Jakiro performs well against multiple enemies, because most of his abilities are are-affected spells. His first skill Dual Breathe debuffs enemies, causing damage and reduction in movement speed. Second skill, Ice Path can stun multiple enemies in its path. With Liquid Fire enemies Jakiro can damage over time not only enemies but also towers.

VIa Valve Dota 2

His ultimate Macropyre is a burning pit that can burn your foes in a wide area, combined with Aghanim Scepter it’s a deadly skill in gank.