The Dota 2 Lima Major is in full swing and, despite some controversy, we are already seeing a pattern of dominance among certain teams. To the surprise of no one, the WEU region has been taking over the Lima Major with teams like Liquid, Entity, and Gaimin Gladiators topping the group standings. Team Entity has been especially competitive, with carry player Alimzhan“watson” Islambekov playing with a huge chip on his shoulder.

In a post-game interview with, watson elaborated on his journey as Team Entity’s carry player throughout the Lima Major, his ups and downs, and his competitive nature. As the top-ranked player in Europe right now, the 20-year-old said that the losses to Team Liquid have only fueled his passion for the game, pushing him to try even harder to defeat them.

This stems from Entity’s losses against Liquid, with the latter going over Team Entity 2:0 in the DPC followed by a 2:0 victory in the Lima Major as well. It doesn’t stop there, however, since watson mentioned Liquid kept beating them during their scrims as well, making the team feel like Liquid was untouchable.

The Kazakhstani player aims to change that since Entity has now qualified for the upper bracket.

Watson also stated that despite all of the losses to Liquid, he feels like it is possible for Entity to defeat Team Liquid since they are well-versed in the team’s tactics and gameplay. He added to that by saying that Entity simply needs to prepare better for Team Liquid since they are at the top of their game right now.

According to watson, this boils down to Liquid having complete control over their drafts, with the versatility of each member’s hero pool leading to several different combinations that teams find hard to prepare for. Secondly, their star midlaner Nisha is accepted by several pro players as the best right now. He ends up dominating his lane which leads to the rest of Liquid snowballing the match to a decisive victory soon after.

Entity generally do not play a super high-tempo style of gameplay that Liquid is used to, so watson said that they will have to prepare to elevate their game the next time they go up against Liquid. The team is currently second on the Group B leaderboards with four wins, three draws, and one loss. Despite their shortcomings against Team Liquid, Entity is still looking very strong and time will tell if they can topple the WEU juggernaut.