Valve’s unveiling of The International 2023 ticket prices sent shockwaves through the Dota 2 community. As the total cost for attending the prestigious event was revealed, voices grew louder in protest, comparing the costs to not just other esports tournaments, but even to the allure of experiencing a live Taylor Swift concert.

With TI 2023 following a different format this year, so came a fluid pricing that reached a baffling sum. Attending the Playoffs section of the event will set players back $99 per day, while the main event will be sold as a three-day bundle for $699.

Dota 2 fans looking to get the full TI experience will have to pay close to $1,000 for their tickets, a jaw dropping number when compared to other sources of entertainment. Amid the news, Dota 2 fans began sharing cost analyses for past events that they attended.

While one fan mentioned the CS:GO Major they attended in 2019, which had a $90 price tag for four days, there was a visible minority drawing multiple comparisons to Taylor Swift events.

During the mid 2010s, attending an entire TI cost around $300-500, and ticket prices saw a sharp increase in recent years.

Though TI11 had lower ticket pricing, the numbers were still regionally high, causing many passionate Dota 2 fans to miss their chance to watch the event live at the venue.