Overwatch 2 players are “horrified” by a questionably ‘moist’ sounding Ashe skin included in the Season 4 battle pass.

Overwatch 2 has had a very questionable history with – how do we put this – its unapologetically horny community. When Overwatch 2 came out, it took 3D animators a mere four days to rip the encrypted models of heroes. And with that, it gave them free rein to make various “animations” of, well, you know what.

The game’s players and devs have frequently been the butt of jokes for how horny they can both be on main. That’s right, the official Overwatch social team has gotten in on the joke too, with their Twitter account having an odd obsession with feet. Now, it seems it’s the sound design team’s turn to weird their players out.

A player on the Overwatch subreddit just brought to everyone’s attention to Ashe’s new skin in the Season 4 battle pass, the Intergalactic Smuggler skin. A skin that makes her dynamite sound rather- “moist”.

Ashe’s new dynamite is… moist (sound on)
by u/pogstream in Overwatch

The skin, which sees Ashe adorned in tentacles for some reason (tentacles and “animations” has a long history in its own right), has her dynamite essentially morph into bundled-up tentacles formed into an explosive.

Except, if you view the object in-game and move it about, it makes a wet-sounding noise. Not too unlike squishing an octopus in your hands. Which of course resulted in a plethora of responses from the community, many of which were naturally grossed out by this discovery.

“I seriously don’t know whether to upvote or downvote. I am horrified,” commented a player on the thread. Of which the OP responded, “I feel shame for posting.”

“I didn’t know Overwatch was doing a Bad Dragon collab” another player jokingly said. With one player dubbing it, a “dynamussy”.

Others also pointed out just how impressive the jiggle physics are for dynamite. Meanwhile, for some, they simply wanted the object erased from the game and their minds all at once. “Delete this,” being a common reply.