Liquid and their Brazilian coach Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu have parted ways.

Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu’s journey as the Liquid head coach which started on May 17 has come to an end as they had “a couple of fundamental philosophical differences on the principles of doing business.”

Before his tenure with Liquid, Tadeu coached Tempo Storm—the team now known as Immortals—and played a crucial role in their rise to the international scene. While he was the coach of Liquid, the team reached the grand final at the ESL One Cologne Major and finished 3-4th at ESL One New York.

peacemaker is a free agent once again

Steve “Joka” Perino, the team’s manager, will act as the interim head coach during ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals which will take place from October 26-30 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Liquid chief Victor “Nazgul” Goossens has released the followingstatement:

“When Luis joined Liquid back in May he did not have an easy spot to fill. Not too long before he joined, we had just reached the semi-finals of the major in Columbus. Playing in the U.S. and having the audience behind us made for one of the most memorable events ever to Liquid, our players, and our fans. When Luis stepped in shortly after, there were big expectations weighing on him.

At Cologne, with our new addition JDM and our star substitute s1mple, we managed to surpass our expectations by fighting our way to the Finals. It was on this stage that Luis really proved his worth, studying day and night and inspiring the team and everyone around them to work harder than ever before. In part due to his preparation, we managed to out-do opponents when it mattered the most. The results were incredible.

Despite our successful competitive history, we’ve had to push through a lot of challenges. Over the past half year, we have had a couple of fundamental philosophical differences on the principles of doing business, to the extent that we felt the relationship would no longer work in a way that would be fruitful for both parties. We have therefore come to the conclusion that the best course of action for both parties is to part ways. We have always appreciated Luis’ work, and this goes beyond what he brings to the team with his strategic knowledge.

Both sides have learned a lot from this process and I am sure Luis will prove a valuable asset to any team he joins next. I wholeheartedly believe that despite going our separate ways, we will all land on our feet and keep moving forward.”

Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu also released a statement:

“Almost 6 months ago, a lot of people doubted my potential as a coach and I also didn`t know what to expect either when I joined Team Liquid. It was a very hard transition for me, especially because of the language barrier, but the players, staff and management made me feel really comfortable in a way that the uncertainty faded. All of what everyone has done has definitely made this the best team that I’ve worked with so far.

While I was here, I had the most special, most important moments and biggest results of my CSGO career. Within two months, we got to the ESL Cologne Major finals, placed 3th/4th at ESL New York, and a few days ago we qualified for the ESL Pro League Finals in Brazil. For me, it didn`t matter if we couldn`t win titles together when considering all the roster changes and all the things we had to go through. In the end, I do consider us a winning team.

Today, I would like to announce that me and Team Liquid decided to part ways due to a few disagreements about business principles and as such I will be exploring other opportunities. I am super proud of all the players/staff/management I had a chance to work with and I have nothing else than the absolute full respect for all of them because of their commitment and dedication. Without everyone buying into this project and working hard, none of what we accomplished would have been possible.

A super special thanks to @Liquid_Hiko, @LiquidPimpZ, @Liquid_jdm, @Liquidnitr0, @LiquidEliGE and @jokatweets for everything we did together during these last months, we may have had our differences but in the end we all knew that all what really matters is winning as a team. I hope you guys learned a lot of good things with me as much as I did become a better coach and person because of you guys. Stay strong <3

Last but not least, I would like to thank my brazilian fans for their support and all of the Liquid fans around the world (especially the american ones for the warm support during my staying here). You guys have absolutely no idea how important it was for me as a foreigner to receive this amount of passion from everyone.

I am not done with my career and I look forward to continue coaching in the near future.”

Liquid will also be looking to recruit a permanent head coach and the requirements for this job can be found on their website.